Dental Hygiene

Confidence grows from solid foundations in the form of healthy teeth and gums, and fresh breath. By creating a pleasant environment in your mouth your general wellbeing is improved and you are helping to maintain a healthier heart.

Achieving dental health requires the collaborative efforts of our hygienists, dentists and you. Determining a personalised treatment plan will help us to identify your aspirations and work towards their achievement.

We will tailor a dental health regime around your lifestyle and goals. It isn’t just a question of effective cleaning and regular visits but nutritional advice and support if you are trying to stop smoking. We promote a flexible approach to hygiene – if something isn’t working for you we can explore a different method or recommend a new product that may make life easier.

We are dedicated to giving you the means and the motivation to smile confidently at the world and regular hygiene visits certainly contribute to that goal.

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Dental Hygiene