Patient information

Dear Patients, Colleagues and Friends of Redmires Dental Care


We have been working behind the scenes for a few weeks now together with advice from our cross infection control expert, the government and other  associated bodies to maintain a clean and safe environment for you, particularly with the surge of the Corona Virus.

This is a fast moving and unprecedented situation which has resulted in a number of changes which do affect the routine and specialist care we can provide for you.


Patient safety and the safety of our staff is paramount to halt the spread of the virus and allow us to continue a service to all our patients, customers and associated businesses that we work with.


In order to do this and following national guidance we have moved to a triage system of care where a clinician will be available to provide advice and support on an individual basis.


Please remember that we will not be able to see you if you are in self-isolation or are tested positive for Covid-19 Virus. This guidance is available at


If you are experiencing any dental difficulties, we have outlined  some help and advice which may mitigate your situation by simple measures.

Dental Advice


At this point may I wish you good health by limiting your social contacts, washing hands frequently, exercise wherever possible and keep in touch with your friends and family using the phone or internet.


We hope to resume our full service as soon as possible and will contact you and update our website accordingly.

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I totally trust the dentists’ abilities and recommendations – preventative and corrective care – not invasive. They provide excellent all-round care with special care for nervous patients – not too invasive.

A very caring and conscientious dentist, and cooperative and helpful staff. They provide a relaxed atmosphere, are reliable, friendly, and punctual!