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Taking Your Child to the Dentist: What to Expect

Your child’s first dentist appointment can be a bit daunting, which is why we do everything we can to help you and your child feel relaxed and happy during every visit.

If you’re already a patient with us, we advise you to bring your toddler along with you to your Healthy Mouth Checks, so that they get used to the sounds and smells of the exam room. By the time it’s their turn they’ll be raring to get on the ‘magic chair’! It also gives us a great opportunity to meet them early on, and begin working with you to keep your little one’s teeth and gums healthy.

A typical initial appointment will last about 20 minutes, during which time we’ll count your child’s teeth and give them a polish if necessary. We demonstrate this on their fingernail first, so that they know how it will feel before the dentist starts. We may also apply a fluoride varnish to your toddler’s teeth, to strengthen their enamel and reduce the risk of dental decay. We’ll also give you some dietary advice to help fight decay.

We won’t do anything that you or your child isn’t comfortable with and we’ll be sure to explain every step of the process before doing anything.

All of our staff are experienced in working with young children and treat every patient, regardless of age, with dignity and respect.

Our kind and friendly dentists and hygienists will put your child at ease immediately with their caring approach. However, if you think your child may still feel anxious during their appointment, we recommend bringing a favourite toy or comfort item to help them feel even more at home. We also have some toys and colouring books for them to enjoy in the waiting room, and offer a selection of stickers to choose from at the end of their Healthy Mouth Check.

We usually recommend six monthly check-ups, although if we need to keep an eye on anything we’ll invite you to bring your child back sooner to make sure we are monitoring things closely if necessary.

You may want to show your child a fun video before their first appointment, so that they know there’s nothing to be worried about. If you need any reassuring that we will make your child’s visit to the dentist an enjoyable experience for the whole family, feel free to get in touch today with your queries.



A very caring and conscientious dentist, and cooperative and helpful staff. They provide a relaxed atmosphere, are reliable, friendly, and punctual!

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